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Short Poetry
 The initial dive was effortless
by the breaking of surface tension
with intensity and momentum
and my form upon entry impeccable

with a firm sense of direction,
I eagerly broached new heights
a fresh face, a different space
keeping up in an upward pace
to remain in my rightful place
out of the ocean depths
above the horizon

but you can see where this is going

for bursts of inspiration
are difficult to sustain
the clarity of purpose
becomes obscured as drive wanes
and the path forward eclipses

the higher I rise
the greater the reprehension
the steeper the suspension
with the ever-present perception
that one snap
is all it takes
to break
to fall

and it’s scary
it really is

I try to find solace
in these uncomforting feelings
they are living distilled and manifest
lest inertia seize hold of me
and tow me under again

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