Obligatory Rain Poem

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Short Poetry
 on the way to the cafe today
there was a human in the pouring rain
they trudged up a busy bridge
pushing a blanketed baby carriage
while the rest of us didn’t watch
and had rather listened to
the pitter-patter of drizzle

I inhaled deeply for a sigh
and the faux floral aroma of moisture
mixed with my laundered sweater
reminded me of my humid motherland
and the innumerable other invisibles
isolated on an exotic archipelago

the garbage metropolises in
graveyard squalor and unclean water
weathered by savage monsoons and sorrow
had been condemned an abject destiny manifested
a despair so suffocating it saturates the senses
that one can’t feel for what’s right in front of them

then I arrived

staring outside into bright
gray overcast and raindrops
the warmth and bitterness
of my coffee weighs heavily
and I am reminded to be

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