I Remember

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Short Poetry
I remember
your nails dug into themselves
searching for absent filth

I remember
your arm dotted by goosebumps
as the cold shivered away your comfort

I remember
the slow and steady rise of your chest
and the light breeze of your breath
as your inhales and your exhales
became gradually uninterrupted

your gaze looked off, focused
on scenes blurred by words
as you clasped your necklace
like a charm to ward off
creeping obscenity

I remember

I remember

I remember

how you were remembering,
and how my outreached hand
was clamped, clawing at my wrist
how you kept speaking,
and how I was speechless
how you were so transparent
how you shined, so radiant

the story you shared
the scars you bared
I’ll always remember,
and thank you.

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